3 Replies to “ID Me: Lichen (Answered)”

  1. Pat Jaquith

    It’s my best guess that you have found a beautiful example of a rot fungus. It’s consuming the cellulose in this partially decomposed log, moving it along in its cycle back to earth.
    Lichens typically don’t utilize their host other than just as a residence. The fungal portion will absorb minerals from the rocks or soil, but at a very slow rate. The algae have chlorophyll which allows them to manufacture carbohydrates which they supply to support their fungal partner’s growth.

  2. skip Post author

    I had some ambivalence about whether this was a fungus or a lichen. I thought about sending you the image first, but then decided it would make a good ID Me post. Thanks for the response! I hope we get a few more folks to weigh in on it.

    • Pat Jaquith

      I do hope some others will feel welcome to! I’m an enthusiastic amateur naturalist – a dangerous person to rely on!!


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