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  1. Benjamin

    Howdy! I’ve been doing some digging on the history of the first barn pictured in “part three” of your “Barns are Noble”. Only thing I’ve been able to find is this picture when it comes to internet research. So I figured I’d leave you a comment. I’m interested in this barn for the fact that I am currently working on bringing it back to life. I am a certified woodworker here in the valley and have been tasked with turning this old beauty into an immaculate wedding venue. Never fear though my friend, We are also instructed to take this relic apart with a fine tooth comb, and implement all the old bones and wood back into the restoration, keeping everything almost the way it was. Please if you find any info on this place I would be ecstatic to know. Thank you!

    • skip Post author

      Hi Benjamin – Thanks so much for the comment. I’m envious of your job—this is such a beautiful barn, in such a great setting. I hope you can take a few pictures of your work in progress. With your permission, I’ll post them here. We need to preserve our history in any way we can.

      I’m also going to put you in touch with Jeanine Buettner, whose family has a ling history in the valley. She may be able to fill in some history for you, or at least point you in some promising directions. Please send me some email at skip@westvalleynaturalists.org and I’ll introduce you to her.


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