What is a Naturalist?

(from Christopher Buddle)

Naturalists are curious, observant, and passionate about the world around them, with a particular fascination for nature. Naturalists often document what they see, enjoy sharing their knowledge, and are motivated to continually expand their knowledge.  A good naturalist embraces their lack of knowledge about nature so that they might learn more. 

What are the values of a naturalist: to be open to all possibilities, to be a close and careful observer, to discipline interpretation with facts, and to work hard to communicate observations.

Naturalists observe,  take careful notes, have an incredible amount of appreciation and motivation, and they spend time thinking about what they were seeing.

It’s a critical time for naturalists: as we face a biodiversity crisis we need people who watch, record, and appreciate nature. We need the passion and motivation of naturalists. We need their knowledge, we need them to share their observations.