Swan Song

by Skip Via

The fall migration season in the valley is a busy time for waterfowl observers. Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, snow geese, and various others ducks and waterfowl arrive in great numbers, stopping in valley ponds and fields to fuel up for their journey south. Arriving in somewhat smaller numbers are the tundra swans, and it’s always a treat to encounter them en masse. But unlike geese and cranes, they’re not typically as vociferous. Yesterday was an exception.

On 10/22/2020, I observed around 75 swans dabbling and conversing in pond 3 of the Potholes (see Locations). In this 1-minute video, you’ll be able to hear them as well. Enjoy.

Tundra swans against the Swan Range. At West Valley Naturalists, we’re all swans all the time.

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