Flathead Valley Water Resources

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by Skip Via

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Mike Koopal, Executive Director of the Whitefish Lake Institute, pointed us to some exceptional resources for learning more about the Flathead Valley watershed and the numerous lakes and streams that make up some of the most beautiful areas of the west valley area and the rest of Montana.

These publications may be viewed online or downloaded as PDF files.

The Montana Lake Book

The Montana Lake Book explains how lakes function, how they are threatened and how they can be protected. It also identifies simple actions we can all take to help protect and preserve the lakes of Montana.

Lakes are among our most valued – and most threatened – natural resources. They provide recreational and drinking water for people, and important habitat for fish and other wildlife. Despite these critical roles, few people understand how their daily activities can challenge the health of our lakes. Even those of us who live miles from a lake directly affect the lake’s water quality. Learning to understand how simple changes in our behaviors can protect lake health is an investment in our future and in the legacy we leave for our children. Through these pages, you will learn how to protect our lakes while enjoying all they have to offer.

The Montana Lake Book, 3rd Edition

The Flathead Watershed Sourcebook

This website (flatheadwatershed.org) is a companion to the book of the same title, which together serve as a primer to the Flathead Watershed.

Viewed from a bioregional perspective, the project discusses the many people and systems that make up the Flathead Watershed—one of the most biologically intact ecosystems in North America. The Flathead Watershed Sourcebook weds science and art, nature and human nature into an appealing and informative resource for citizens and educators. The menus of this site follow the chapters of the book, making the information widely accessible.  Long-time residents, new community members and visitors will find details of the geography, cultures, natural history and economics of the Flathead Watershed. 


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