Spring Sightings

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by Pat Jaquith

Yellow-headed Blackbird 4.19.20

Nothing shouts out, “It’s Spring! I’m back! quite as loudly as a Yellow-headed Blackbird. But so many things announce the season in their own style. Maybe you’ll find your favorite among the following selection.

Painted turtles on a log Cliff Lake 4.22.19

Mourning Cloak Butterfly is the State butterfly. A member of the Brushfoot family, it is one of few that overwinter as adults by finding a safe haven under the loose bark on a tree or in a hollow log. Its dark color helps it to warm up in the early spring sun. This one was out on 4.05.21
Amelanchier alnifolia (Serviceberry) 4.20.16 Lots of birds –and bears—welcome the first fruit of the season
Savannah Sparrows are such active little songbirds. Those yellow “eyebrows” make them easy to recognize

So here’s this year’s gallery of signs of spring. Oh, it was hard to limit it. Perhaps readers will let me know what they notice in spring, and I’ll make a new gallery!

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2 years ago

My favorite FOY sighting is bumblebees. The overwintering queens start to show as soon as the crocuses bloom in our yard.